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The project aims at supporting the work of young researchers who specialize in the study of technology from the perspective of the human sciences, and, also, the social sciences, especially from the field ‘History of Technology’ and the interdisciplinary field ‘Science, Technology, Society’ (‘Science and Technology Studies’). These are the research fields that the coordinator of the project specializes in, and, further, the fields utilized in the context of the European research project that prepared for this one. The project will support young researchers who carry out studies on a range of technologies and issues of relevance to the borders-technology relationship, from energy technology to the technology connected to migration. Attention will be paid to critical emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, big data and algorithms, and their broader integration, from biology/biotechnology/biomedical technology to technologies to address the environmental/ecological crisis. Contributions from a whole range of additional fields will be incorporated, from Gender Studies to Environmental Humanities and Digital Humanities